Driftwood Art

Each piece of wood tells its own story and has its own movement. A beautiful material to create original new things. I admit I stole this idea from one of my FB friends. It is just too beautiful not to share.

I live on the Pacific North Coast. Our coast line has an endless supply of driftwood. What better way to create beautiful art than by what Mother Nature provides.

I am providing this idea for others to create. However, if you don’t have the time to collect and arrange a piece of art to hang on your wall then feel free to contact me and I will design one for you in any size that fits your empty space(s). The size you need will depend on the price quote I offer. Contact me and we’ll chat. Otherwise enjoy your adventure …


Measure your wall space for the hanging. Purchase a frame (does not need to be square). Collect driftwood and arrange on frame – adjust as needed to get the best effect of each pieces natural beauty. Glue driftwood to frame (I suggest Elmer’s Wood Glue). Let dry for flat before hanging.